Sunday, February 24, 2013

Magic Jellybeans 2013

I was in Michaels yesterday and I saw the adorable little flower lollipops they always have for sale around this time of year. It reminded me of the awesome "Magic Jellybeans" I planted with my kids last year. When they woke up on Easter morning to find our Magic Jellybeans had grown into flower lollipops overnight, they were amazed! I will totally be doing this again this year and thought I'd re-post to hopefully inspire some of you to do the same!

I came across this adorable printable at Nothing But Country and knew I had to do it with my kids for some Easter fun. I printed out and made the little envelope, filled it with jellybeans and secretly ran it out to the mailbox.

The Saturday before Easter, I had my son get the mail and thankfully our Magic Jellybeans had "arrived" in our mailbox just in time for Easter. 

I had placed a piece of floral foam in the bottom of an old, chipped, dirty cute little pot I had living in my garage and filled it with potting soil. The kids ripped open the jellybeans and planted them.

Next, we watered our magic jellybeans and set them outside the front door. 

The kids were so excited to see what they would find the next morning once the magic jellybeans grew.

Hope your kids enjoy this little bit of Easter "Magic" as much as mine did!

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  1. I'll bet your kids LOVED this! Such a cute idea. I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

  2. I love your idea with the magic beans. I saw your blog over on The Thriftiness Miss... (excited about the giveaway there!). I was intrigued with your website... my daughter's name is Blythe (don't see many of them!) Here is her blog:

    Just thought you might like to see it... she just started blogging!