Sunday, May 19, 2013

Princess Tiara Cookies

We just celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone! She has been keeping me very busy lately (as evidenced by my lack of posting lately). 

As an avid crafter, I always try to go all out for my kids parties with the decor, etc. I decide on a theme and make banners, tissue pom poms, tablescapes, themed food, cookies, etc. However, this year my 6 yr old had other ideas and begged for a Chuck E. Cheese party. I thought I would miss having the party, but, man, it was so nice to just show up, party,  pay a bill (probably less than what I would have spent anyway), and leave the clean up to others. Sure beats slaving away trying to have my house perfectly cleaned for guests, making all the food & decorations and having to clean up the aftermath. 

So, when at a school fundraiser a few weeks before my daughter's birthday, I saw a birthday party at My Gym in the silent auction, I bid on it and pretty much stalked the auction item for the rest of the evening. I ended up winning with an obscenely low bid. Probably helped that I gave the stink eye to anyone else who hovered around MY party.

We showed up, had a fun party, ate cake and went home. I really don't know what I was thinking all those years having the parties at my house. 

The only "work" I had to do for the party was to make favors. And as much as I love my kids getting bags of trinkets - especially the little ink stamps they can stamp all over their faces before we go out in public, the little bottles of bubbles they can open and spill all over the car, the paddle ball games with elastic that breaks and snaps kids' hands causing 30 minutes of crying - I choose to make cookies.

My daughter requested a "pink princess party" so I popped over to to check out their selection of princess cookie cutters. I chose the Crown Cookie Cutter and made these cute princess-y cookies.

I just stuck them in clear treat bags, tied them with a pretty pink ribbon and viola! Party favors!

Check out some of my other parties and cookies:



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  2. Wow, Princess themed birthday cookies are amazing. Thanks a lot for these ideas. These pictures inspire me to host such a girly party for my daughter who’s 5th birthday is about to come. Before reading this post I was thinking about having a simple family dinner party at venues in Los Angeles but now would love to host a party.

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