Monday, October 24, 2011

Rootin' Tutu-in' Cowgirl

My son wanted to be Woody from Toy Story for Halloween, so I had to make my little girl a cowgirl to match. This is such an easy and ADORABLE costume to make for a toddler.

What You Need:
  • Blue Tulle (3-4 yards)
  • Crochet Headband to Match Tulle Color
  • Red Hankerchief (although pink would be really cute too)
  • Red Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Cowboy Boots

How To Make Tutu:
  • Cut tulle into strips 4" wide by about 20" long (can adjust this to make tutu longer or shorter, fuller, etc.).
  • Place crochet headband around back of small chair or table legs to stretch out - this step isn't absolutely necessary, but sure makes life a lot easier when trying to thread through the strips of tulle. I've also seen it done by sitting down and stretching the headband over your thigh.
  • Fold single strip of tulle in half and insert folded end through opening at bottom of headband. Pull bottom ends of strip through to tie a knot.

  • Repeat knots through every opening at bottom of headband and that's it!

  • How to Make Rest of Costume:
    • Fold hankerchief in half diagonally and tie ends around back of your toddler. I was afraid it would fall down, so I took 2 pieces of ribbon and hand-stitched one end to the front of the hankerchief and tied the other ends around the back of her neck.
    • Put on cowboy hat and cowboy boots and now you've got yourself a rootin' tutu'in cowgirl!

    • Elastic can be used in place of the headband. Just measure your cowgirl's waist and subtract 3 inches, then sew ends together. Be sure not to tie the knots too tight on the elastic because it will cause it to stretch out.
    • The tulle tutu tends to be a bit sheer, so we wore little blue shorts underneath.
    • I also tied a little red scarf around her neck for a little extra flair!
    Other Tutu Costume Suggestions:

    • Make a white tutu and pair it with a white long-sleeved shirt or onesie with a ghost face on it (can glue on face with black felt or iron-on fabric) for a cute little ghost.
    • Make a black tutu and pair with a black shirt or onesie with either a cat face on it or "meow". Add cat ears and a tail for a really cute black cat.

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    1. Aww, she's adorable and love those boots!

    2. SOOOOO cute!!! Great ideas.

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    3. (found ya on a link party)
      What an awesome halloween costume! And you make it look so easy :) My toddler is going as thing 1 (brother is thing 2) and she has a tulle skirt. We love tulle skirts! .. never thought of using the crochet headband for it though. Great idea!

    4. cute and simple i love it! i found your link on whipperberry im a new follower and would love if you followed back!!

    5. That is just adorable! Would you share it here?
      Pretty pleeease?

    6. This made me smile!! Found you via Tatertots and Jello.

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    7. What an adorable cowgirl! Your costume is so easy to make. My kind of costume.

    8. Cute! I hope you will link this up to The CSI Project starting tonight. The challenge is DIY Halloween Costumes. You just might win!!!!