Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Starfish Cookies

It has been a busy summer around here! I find myself doing lots of baking for various events! I was making some monogram heart cookies for a wedding and had some extra dough and icing, so I pulled out my new Starfish cookie cutter! 

This cute starfish cookie cutter came from http://www.cheapcookiecutters.com/ - my favorite place to find cookie cutters.

My "go-to" recipes for cookies are The Best Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe

And these are the monogram heart cookies I made for a friend's wedding. It was an amazingly beautiful wedding and so much fun!!!! Haven't danced all night like that in years. Almost made up for all the cookies I ate! Almost....

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Colored Carnation Experiment

My friend, Susan, is a homeschooling SuperMom and always has great ideas for projects to do with the kids. She will be starting a blog soon to share her ideas and I am really excited for it to be up and running. My five year old son LOVES science experiments so I knew he would love this one she told me about.

What You Need:

  • White Carnations
  • Small Vases or Glasses
  • Food Coloring
  • Water
What To Do:

  • Fill vases or glasses with water.
  • Select a different color for each vase and add several drops of food coloring to make the water a very vivid shade of each color. Seriously...don't be shy with the dye (I could have probably used more, especially of the green)!

  • Can you tell how much this kid loves his experiments????
  • Freshly cut the end of each carnation stem and add the white carnations to the colored water.
  • As the colored water goes up the stem and to the flower, the petals will start to show the color. 
  • You will see a difference by the next day and the colors of the flowers will become more vivid as the days pass.

My son was amazed by this experiment and was able to make a nice colorful bouquet to give his Mommy! I don't see why this experiment would not work with any white flower (mums, etc.), so if you try it with a different one, let me know! Susan also told me this will work with celery stalks instead of flowers....might have to try that one next!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sea Glass Bridal Shower

This past weekend I was able to help out with a friend's bridal shower. Her wedding theme is "sea glass" and I LOVE the colors (aqua is one of my favorites!). It was a beautiful shower for a beautiful bride-to-be.

Each of the bridesmaids donated a door prize, and after every few shower gifts opened, the bride would stop and draw a name for a door prize! So some lucky guests got to open presents too (no....I was not one of them...boo).
We also purchased Thank You notes ahead of time and had each guest self-address an envelope, which will save the bride-to-be from having to address them later. We then used the envelopes for the door prize drawings.

 I used my Cricut to make this cute "Happily Ever After" banner.

I originally made these blue and green tissue pom poms thinking we could hang them from the light fixture, but they looked so cute on the tables, we kept them there. Kudos to Grandma June for sewing the blue runners, as I wouldn't even know where to stick the thread on a sewing machine! Or the bobbin...whatever that is.

I made these adorable wedding dress cookies as favors. I loved the shape of this dress I found on http://www.cheapcookiecutters.com/.
Most people grabbed delicious cake pops on the way out the door too (lovingly made by the maid of honor/sister of the bride).

Other goodies included these lime Jello wedges. To make them, simply cut limes in half, remove fruit, prepare Jello per "Jigglers" instructions, poor into lime halves and let set. Once set, slice in half again with a wet knife.

Grandma June made this veggie platter and I just love the way she separated the different veggies by creating sections on the platter with iceberg lettuce leaves. The hollowed out green pepper as a dip container was a nice touch too!

We all had a great time at the shower and I am really looking forward to the big day! And before I sign off....one more look at these awesome cookies (tooting my own horn here...toot toot):

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