Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jitters Pillow

When I was a little girl at summer camp, I used fabric crayons to make a special pillowcase for my Mom. Whenever my son has a sleepover at Grandma's house, he always wants that pillowcase. When my Mom came to visit recently, she brought a white pillowcase and fabric markers for my son to make his own.

At our "Meet the Teacher" night, my son's new Kindergarten teacher gave each student a small bag of blue "Jitter Glitter" to sprinkle on their pillows the night before school started so they would sleep well and not have "jitters" about starting Kindergarten.
So we decided to make a "Jitters Pillow" with the "Jitter Glitter" sprinkled inside.
(Bonus: keeps the glitter contained)

What You Need:
  • Pillowcase
  • Fabric markers
  • Stencils (we used cookie cutters and shapes cut from cardboard)
  • Glitter

How To Make It:

Let your child use his/her imagination and color away!! My son wanted a pillowcase to make his dreams come true, so he wanted the word "DREAM" with a moon and stars. I drew the "DREAM" and he colored it in. He used my starfish cookie cutter and a moon shape I cut out of cardboard to outline

Let the marker dry and at bedtime, sprinkle in the magic "Jitter Glitter" so your child will not have any jitters!


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  1. What a sweet idea and I like the fact that you put the jitter glitter inside the pillow!
    God Bless