Thursday, October 25, 2012

Braided Memory Wire Bracelet

Since I discovered how easy it is to make beautiful bracelets with memory wire, I have been pretty much obsessed with it! I made a braided memory wire bracelet in the colors of my alma mater, The University of Florida - Orange & Blue - Go Gators!!!!! and posted the picture on my Facebook Page. This bracelet makes a great piece of fancy fan-wear and can easily be customized to your favorite team's colors, which is why I have had several requests for a tutorial. Since I already have my Gators bracelet, I decided to make a bracelet in the colors supporting The Children's Tumor Foundation for this tutorial.

What You Need:

  • Memory Wire
  • Beads in 2 Colors (I used 6/0 Czech Glass Beads)
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters (hardware store ones, NOT ones made for jewelry)

How To Make It:
See photos below

  • Use your wire cutters to cut 7 full rounds of memory wire.
  • Cut one of the rounds in half and create a small loop at one end of each with your round nose pliers (make sure to tighten the loop all the way down).
  • Use round nose pliers to make a small loop at the end of each of the 6 of remaining rounds of memory wire to keep the beads on the wire. Make sure to tighten the loop down so it is completely closed.
  • String 3 rounds of wire with one color beads and 3 rounds of wire with second color beads. 
  • At the end of each round of wire, you will want to leave about a pinky finger's width with no beads and use your round nose pliers to create another small loop at the end (tightened down) to keep beads on the wire.
  • Next, line the rounds up in alternating colors. For me it is blue, green, blue, green, blue, green.
  • With the small loops at the end of each round lined up, take one of the half rounds you made earlier and  string it through all the loops (in order). Trim the end to about a pinky-width and use round-nose pliers to form another loop at the end.
  • Separate into 3 parts (blue/green - blue/green - blue/green) and braid.
  • Once braided, keep ends in order and string the other half round through the ending loops. Trim off excess and seal with another small loop at the end.

Pretty easy, huh?!
Of course, if you aren't feeling up to it, you can always buy one from my Etsy Shop ;)

Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and are feeling inspired! I've got lots of great tutorials to share, so I'd love it if you'd follow along!

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  1. Hi! New follower from Shine on Fridays. You have such a cute blog name!!!

  2. Aha! I was wondering how you secured the ends. Nice one. Pinning!

  3. I love these, I especially love the blue and green. Excellent job with your tutorial. Thanks!

    Mikaila at

  4. I love the blue and green one--I could easily jazz up a t-shirt with it... then the brown one at the bottom looks really elegant: perfect for a fancy dinner!

    I used to make jewelry with my mom just for fun (probably 5th or 6th grade :)). I'll have to see if she still has her tools!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this bracelet!! I am thrilled to be your 300th follower!! CONGRATS!!!

  6. Love this project. Thanks so much- I'm going right out to make one! Joining from Shine on Fridays -

  7. Very pretty...may try one real soon...Thanks for the great tutorial.

  8. I love this. Please link it to my linky party & anything else you have to share. :) Thanks, Peggy.

  9. Yes LOVE this! Had a coworker request a bracelet for her sister for Christmas and I am hoping she picks this- if not, I might just have to make a few myself anyway.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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  12. Oh! I just love the blue and green bracelet. It looks like a wave of cooling water on a hot summer day. Going to have to make me one just like it. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful and easy pattern. Excellent job!

  13. Just found you! This is amazing!

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  16. Help! I sure appreciate your above video but I need some help. I braided 3 strands only (didn't want large cuff) and nearly drove myself nuts trying to finish the ends. Had my hubby hold one end while I seriously wrestled the other end and they still look awful .... the finishing wires (horizontal) are all scrunched as opposed to your pretty, calm closures. Any suggestions would sure be appreciated ... Thanks.

  17. Thank you so much for posting such a thorough tutorial! I've been looking for a good diy cuff bracelet tutorial for a couple of weeks, and this is by far the most complete; bookmarked and Pinned!!!

  18. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is extraordinarily generous of you to take the time to share a tutorial for such a beautiful bracelet! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your home team in appreciation!